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Whole House Remodeling

Whole House Remodeling Service

Give your house a new lease on life and make it the home of your dreams. With Manta Home’s whole-house remodeling, take advantage of an empty canvas to realize all those ideas that have been brewing in your head – while also fixing any bothersome underlying issues like mold or dated wiring. Get ready for this exciting journey with us.

Create the Perfect Home of Comfort and Functionality

Let the experts at our company transform your older home. Our experienced team can take you to step by step through a whole house remodeling project, helping to put your family’s wishes into action. Unlock this property’s full potential and character with a completely redesigned interior – created specifically for you.
Remodeling your home is a great opportunity to make each room uniquely yours. Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary with built-in shelves, an enlarged bathroom for luxury living and customized closet systems that maximize storage space. Get creative with custom cabinetry perfect for aesthetic beauty and practicality – imagine how stunning it will be when these features come together.

Recreate Your Home with a Whole-House Remodeling

Starting the grand journey of home renovation can be intimidating! Throughout this project, you must make countless decisions about materials, floorplans and more. Ensuring your dream project comes together within budget and on time requires excellent management skills and a knack for the organization — no small feat.
Manta Home understands the hassle of tackling a home renovation project: the endless decisions, delays and surprises that can crop up. That’s why we have designed an easy-to-follow plan to make your dream home a reality without additional stress. Our team consists of expert designers and contractors who will consult with you at each step in our beautiful showroom. At the same time, every phase is managed by one superintendent dedicated solely to your project from start to finish.

Discover Your Home's Potential with Our Exploration Phase

During the exploration phase, we dive deep into your home and project to understand your needs and wants. We then ask that you research our company, learning about who we are from others’ experiences with us. If everything looks good for both parties, it’s time to transition into design mode.

Tailor Your Home's Look with Our Custom Design Phase

Step into the future of home design with us. During your customization process, we’ll listen to all your ideas and transform them into a virtual reality. Our 3D models will bring your vision to life while you get an intimate experience in our showroom, picking out materials that make it uniquely yours. Ready for something new? Let’s start the whole house remodels together.

Polish Your Home to Perfection with Our Refinement Phase

After carefully crafting and perfecting the design of your project, our team is ready to bring it to life. During a visit to our office, we go into in-depth detail on how we can make this dream come true with a fixed-price bid that works for you. Upon acceptance, skilled people are scheduled along with any applicable permits needed so the whole house renovations can start right away.

Our Comprehensive Build Phase

Once the contract is sealed, and the deposit paid, meet your new dream team: superintendent and construction manager who will lay out a crystal-clear plan of when they’ll start constructing your home. Your superintendent will be in touch in every step of home renovations so you can keep track as the building progresses. Finally, top it off with an expert cleaning crew ensuring all details are perfect before enjoying a final walkthrough.

Transform Your Home with Our Professional Renovation Solutions

Our talented team of a whole house remodel professionals, which includes interior designers, general contractors, electricians, HVAC technicians and plumbers, are here to turn your home remodeling visions into realities. With our help, you can transform any room with a kitchen or bathroom revamp while custom cabinetry & shelving will give each area that special touch just for you.
We leave no detail overlooked as we take on projects ranging from simple floor refinishing or replacing all the way up to adding brand-new spaces like dining rooms, master suite, master bathroom and living areas – so go ahead; it’s time to live larger than life at home. Contact Manta Home today for your whole home remodel project.

Get a Rough Estimate of Your Whole-House Renovation Costs

At the start of your home remodel project, our team will be happy to give you an idea of what costs may look like according to factors such as the size of your home and any unique needs. Making dramatic changes to a property’s layout obviously adds more complexity than retaining its current design – but whatever vision you have for your home remodeling project, we’ll work hard together to make it into reality. Investing in your home is one of your most important decisions.
So choose wisely and trust experienced remodeling contractors to give you peace of mind with quality work – without sacrificing your budget.

Empowering North Jersians with Quality Services

Our commitment to providing top-notch materials and services has enabled us to make a lasting impact in our community. With the help of our remodeling services, property values have been increased, quality of life improved, and historic homes restored across Chatham, NJ. We deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations and leave satisfied customers behind; take some time to visit our gallery for proof with stunning before & after shots from various home renovation projects.