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Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces Contractors in Chatham

Creating an outdoor living space can take your lifestyle to a new level! Manta Home is the trusted contractor for people living in Chatham who want their projects done with top-notch quality and attention. Experience joy daily in a beautiful, reliable outdoor area that you’ll be proud of – courtesy of Manta Home’s superior services.
Our experienced professionals can bring your outdoor dreams to life! With our insight and dedication, you’ll be able to create a retreat that perfectly suits all of your leisure needs – no matter the size or scope. Transform any space into a dreamy island with ease through careful planning and hard work – so get ready for endless relaxation and entertainment in luxury style.

Transform Your Outdoors Into a Dream Space - Outdoor Living Services

Our experts can help you create the perfect outdoor paradise – a private haven where you can escape from your hectic life and truly relax. Whether simply decking out an existing garden or constructing a completely new design, our team will ensure that each project is completed with quality craftsmanship and tender, loving care. We’ve got everything covered to ensure your dream space comes alive: landscaping services, fencing solutions, patio designs…you name it.

Design Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen could be the perfect solution if you want to add culinary flair and entertainment potential to your garden. Manta Home can help design a space tailored just for you – complete with built-in grills and other features. Let’s take summer barbecues & gatherings up a notch by cooking outdoors in style – it’ll surely bring extra delight to all involved.
Transform your backyard into a professional outdoor kitchen and create memorable experiences on special occasions or whenever you desire. Our packages provide the perfect setup to cater for any event, with grills, utensils and food prep areas tailored according to your needs and budget. Whether it’s celebrating an important milestone such as graduation or a wedding or just another night of good vibes at home – we have everything covered.

Create Your Ideal Outdoor Gathering Space - Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Enjoy the outdoors all year round with one of our latest-designed outdoor fireplaces or fire pits. They are a beautiful focal point to your space and provide much-needed warmth during cold nights – perfect for cozy gatherings. Our experienced installation services make setting up a fire pit easy and reliable, so you can enjoy them in no time.

Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Dining Spaces

Dining al fresco has recently become more sought-after – thanks to Manta, making that happen is a breeze. Our experienced professionals will work with you one-on-one to tailor the perfect outdoor dining experience for your home or business. With unique style options, we’ll help create an atmosphere where friends and family can enjoy the natural beauty while partaking in delicious food and drinks. Get ready for unforgettable memories at your custom outdoor dining space.
Our Outdoor dining offering can make their events bigger and more memorable. They could also draw in more patrons to boost visibility and get the word out!

Manta Home Outdoor Living Space Process

Manta Home is the go-to for turning your outdoor living space into a reality. Our expert team will create something specially tailored to you – from concept through completion. We’ll walk step by step with you, starting with understanding exactly what’s needed and ending when all of your goals are met within budget. Let us make dreams come true today.

Expert Consultation Services

Planning the perfect outdoor living space doesn’t have to be a headache! Our team of experts is ready and eager to help make your dream design a reality. We’ll work with you one-on-one, considering all your ideas, needs and budget for an ideal alfresco retreat that will make any staycation extraordinary.

Get A Design That Suits Your Needs

We can easily transform your outdoor area into a beautiful, organized beautiful space with customized design plans through our creative process. Our 3D designs will bring all of your ideas to life – from benches, tables and umbrellas crafted according to measurements as precisely as possible – for you to get the most out of every penny spent on completing this project.

Smooth and Hassle-Free Installation

With an eye for detail, we’ll help you select the perfect pieces that fit both the design aesthetic and your budget! Let us be with you every step of the way, from creating a layout plan, picking out lighting fixtures and more – all while meeting project deadlines along the path towards making it happen.

Long-Term and Cost-Effective Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance services go beyond basic care – from furniture repair to cleaning; we’ll ensure you’re always satisfied with how great your outdoor area looks. If any questions arise about your vibrant new environment, be assured that our support team is available for guidance along the way.

Experience the Benefits of Manta Home

Manta Home is the perfect solution for your outdoor space needs. We specialize in converting any vision into a reality, all with our team of experienced professionals who create spaces that will last through time and beyond! Our goal: is to provide you with top-notch customer service in Chatham NJ, and its nearby locations, allowing you to enjoy relaxing moments every day out at home or work – contact us today so we can make it happen.
Our team of experienced deck builders can help you create a beautiful outdoor kitchen that caters to your individual style and budget. Need help with landscape design and patio design too? Congrats, Manta can help you with that.