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Home Additions

Home Addition

Home Additions and New Spaces

Breathe life into your home with stunning additions that fit any lifestyle. Our experienced general contractors craft beautiful outdoor living spaces, such as patios and decks, to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or entertaining guests. Suppose you’re looking to expand square footage functionally and stylishly.
In that case, our experts offer exceptional remodeling services ranging from new family rooms designed for large gatherings of loved ones to in-law suites built perfectly suited for elderly parents’ comfort. Help us upgrade homes throughout the Chatham area today.

Spaces Customized to Fit Your Needs

Get creative with stylish, functional living spaces that express everyone’s unique lifestyle. Manta Home gives each household member their own personal retreat, whether it be an extra bedroom, office or studio set up. Rely on industry professionals when designing these additional areas; our new spaces gallery showcases some previous projects about the second story, in law suite, dining room or accessory dwelling unit. More space, more comfort!

A Systematic Process to Home Additions & New Spaces

Ready to transform your house into something truly special? Our experienced team of designers and remodelers will make the entire process a breeze – from start to finish. With their expertise, you can create amazing home additions and new spaces that are guaranteed to turn heads. Make your dream upgrade today with our help.
Our remodeling process is here for you. We delve into the exploration phase, exploring your project ideas and getting an understanding of what you need. At this point, we highly recommend researching us so that both sides are comfortable continuing ahead.
Next comes design – where a detailed model of your renovation plan takes form, and materials such as flooring, finishes and cabinetry come alive in our showroom visit. Refinement follows suit before building out the final product that truly expresses who YOU are while enhancing everyone’s lives.
After the design is fine-tuned, preparation for your project begins. We compile all necessary documentation and make sure to adhere to building codes. Our team of contractors is scheduled so that once we present you with a finalized proposal – if approved – construction can start immediately. To respect your home during renovations, our superintendent will keep you updated on any changes made while ensuring protections are put into place where needed at no extra cost. Finally: after everything falls into place from start to finish, what’s left but enjoyment?
Note: If you’re considering building a tiny house, room addition, or game room and need extra space, there are some things to consider before diving in. Make sure you check local building codes and regulations to ensure all construction is up-to-code. Is your existing floor plan able to handle an extra bedroom or storage space? If so, great! If not, determine how the extra space will fit into your existing layout. No matter what project you’re working on, it’s important to create a plan that follows the necessary regulations and fits within your budget.

Get Creative with Our Home Additions & New Spaces Services

Transform Your Home with Home Restructuring Services

Home restructuring is an exciting way to give your space a complete makeover and transform it into the home of your dreams. Our experienced designers and contractors will work with you to determine what kind of changes would best suit your needs, whether that means turning one room into two or adding a whole new floor for extra storage. There’s no limit to how much more comfortable – not to mention spacious. -your living quarters can be with this type of service, perfect for families looking toward their future together under one roof.

Unlock Your Home's Potential with Room Additions

You can make your home a beautiful reflection of family life with room additions. Whether welcoming children or aging parents into the fold, extra bedrooms and bathrooms can provide them with much-needed comfort; consider treating yourself to and transforming that cramped master suite into something luxuriously spacious. Home offices for focus time (and potential tax deductions!) plus cozy new family rooms ensure everyone has their own special place to thrive.

Unlock New Possibilities with Outdoor Living Solutions

Transform your home into an inviting oasis with the help of Manta Home. Whether you’re a passionate BBQ chef seeking to master their craft, an entertainer looking for the perfect backyard setup or just someone longing for that morning cup of joe in style – we will design and construct outdoor living spaces tailored specifically to fit your needs. Say goodbye to boring backyards; it’s time to make all those exciting summer dreams come alive!

How Much Does it Cost to Add Home Additions and New Spaces to Your Home?

Home renovations can add loads of personality and charm to your living space, but it’s essential for homeowners to plan accordingly to prepare their wallets. Costs may vary depending on the project’s scope – consider factors like size, materials used, and plumbing/electrical upgrades. Our comprehensive pricing guide offers estimates so you know what financial commitments are ahead before delving into a home and additional living space remodel.

Experience Outstanding Service in New Jersey

Manta Home thrives on bringing joy and satisfaction to New Jersey through stylish home remodeling. Our skilled professionals have been recognized with awards from organizations such as the Home Builders Association, National Kitchen & Bath Association, and National Association of The Remodeling Industry – making us a trusted choice for your vision. Transform your new living space into one you can be proud of – let our team join you in adding something special to your home’s square footage.