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Bathroom Remodeling Services

Refresh your home with a first-class bathroom. Whether you’re looking for more space, improved storage solutions, or to bring new life into an outdated room – our bathroom remodeling services can help create the perfect sanctuary of relaxation in Chatham, New Jersey. Let us take care of all the complete renovation details so that you can soon enjoy your newly renovated bathroom.

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Retreat

With so many decisions to be made before a complete remodel, the bathroom renovation process can seem daunting. But if you take help from Manta Home, all your worries will melt away – and before long, a beautiful new space in which you’ll feel perfectly at ease awaits. From selecting fixtures that fit just right for every taste to choosing cabinetry with style or swapping out old plumbing pieces, our bathroom remodeling contractors ensure no detail goes unnoticed as we work together on transforming each room to its fullest potential.
We can make any vision a reality with hundreds of fixtures and designs in our gallery. Our bathroom remodel services have already successfully transformed many bathrooms – plus, we will help guide you through every step of the remodeling process. Your beautiful bathroom remodeling project is in safe hands now.

Manta Home's Comprehensive Bathroom Remodeling Process

At Manta Home, located in Chatham, we understand that bathroom renovations project can be daunting. That’s why our experienced team is here to provide a comprehensive process that removes the hassle and stress of bathroom remodeling projects.

Step 1: Pre-Construction Planning

The first step in our bathroom remodels process is pre-construction planning. We’ll look at your existing bathroom layout, discuss your goals for the renovation project, and create detailed designs to fit both functionality and your desired budget. We’ll also work through any engineering requirements to ensure that the space meets local building codes and regulations.

Step 2: Construction

Once we have finalized all plans, it’s time to move on to construction. Our expert team will carefully demolish any existing fixtures or walls as needed for the renovation project and then get started on installing new materials into the space. We will keep careful track of progress throughout the process so you can be certain that everything is going according to plan. Get a free design consultation today!

Step 3: Finishing Touches

In this stage of the process, our team will make sure every detail has been taken care of – from painting to plumbing – to ensure that your master bathroom is exactly as you imagined it would be.

Finally, we’ll go through a comprehensive checklist to ensure no detail was overlooked before giving you the green light to move forward with a complete overhaul of your new bathroom.

Our Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling Solutions

Let us help you turn your old bathroom into something spectacular. With our renovation services, we can provide a wide range of options to ensure that it’s both stylish and practical. You pick out the perfect floor plan, materials, and finishes and let our team of designers do their magic; soon enough, you’ll have a luxurious spa-like sanctuary right in your own home.

Cabinets, Countertops and Storage

Does your outdated bathroom lack storage for all of life’s necessities? We’ve got you covered – from custom cabinetry to wall-mounted options, our showroom features an array of solutions tailored specifically to you. So come on in and explore the possibilities. Let us help you create a functional yet stylish bathroom from your personal at-home spa.


When renovating your current bathroom, selecting the best flooring is key. Beyond looks – our wide array of sophisticated designs includes marble and tile to provide a timeless look with durable construction that can be easily cleaned and maintained.