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Attic Remodeling

Attic Remodeling Contractors in Chatham

Transform your attic from an unused storage area into a livable space and expand the beauty of your home!.With some remodeling, you can tap into untapped potential within your house – create extra room for added comfortability. Unlock new possibilities with this easy upgrade.
Manta Home offers experienced and skilled attic remodeling contractors in Chatham. Our contractors are dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions for your home remodeling needs. Our team specializes in custom designs, building codes, and hassle-free service to help bring your attic renovation ideas to life. With years of experience and attention to detail, you can trust Manta Home to provide a professional, safe, and reliable service for all your home remodeling needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your vision come true.

Attic Remodeling Services

Transform your attic into the perfect area for you and your family to enjoy! From extra bedrooms, offices and game rooms – Manta Home can help make it happen with our impressive range of attic remodeling services. Unlock this unexplored potential in style – let us show you numerous options that’ll maximize every square inch of your space.

Attic Insulation & Wiring

Keep your family safe and comfortable all year round with the help of proper attic insulation and wiring. Whether it’s scorching summer days or chilly winter nights, both provide a layer of protection from temperature swings while ensuring any electrical appliances run without issue. Manta Home makes your attic comfortable, efficient and safe with customized insulation services tailored to all climates. Let us help you get the most from your energy use by installing modern wiring systems that maximize efficiency. Make sure to stay cozy in any conditions.

Attic Home Office

Transform your unused attic space into an organized office that works for you! Let Manta Home help with everything from planning and design to electrical wiring, insulation, and safety. Our experts will ensure a productive workspace tailored to meet the needs of freelancers, business owners or remote employees alike – helping make work happen in style.

Attic Bedroom

Transform your attic from a musty storage space into an additional living area with the help of our team! We’ll work together to create more room for you and your family while also boosting the value of your home. Starting by determining size and purpose, we will assess insulation/ventilation/lighting needs – all done safely in accordance with local regulations. Ready to add on? Let’s get started.

Attic Living Areas

Make the most of that extra space with Manta Home! We’ll work to transform your attic into a cozy and unique living area, whether for an additional room or home theater. Our team will ensure every detail is taken care of: wiring, insulation, ventilation – you name it! With our help at Manta Home, any size attic has the potential to provide hours of relaxation and entertainment – perfect for gaming nights with friends or solo chillouts alike.
At Manta, we provide an unparalleled experience in creating beautiful and functional attic living areas. Our experienced team will take the time to understand your individual needs throughout every step of the process—from discussing potential problems like insulation or structural concerns to helping you choose materials and furniture for a gorgeous finished space that reflects your style. With over two decades’ worth of expertise, let us craft a luxurious new area for you!

Our Attic Renovation Comprehensive Process

Remodeling your attic can be a challenging task – but no longer! Our smooth process consultation provides an easy, comprehensive guide to help you through this exciting project. From start to finish, we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly by taking the following steps:…


Our attic remodeling team is dedicated to bringing your vision for an ideal living space into reality. We’ll start off with a consultation, exploring options and finding the right plan tailored just for you – no matter what obstacles may be in our way. From insulating issues to structural concerns, we can help make it work! Plus, our extensive resources on materials and furniture will grant you beautiful results that are sure to provide comfort and style. Contact us today so together we can create something extraordinary from above!

Design Plan

Let us make your dream attic a reality! Our experienced team will take all the necessary steps to create diagrams, technical drawings and even 3D models of your perfect space. Every inch is meticulously measured so that the great vision you have in mind can come alive before your eyes.

Meeting with Team

Unlock the potential of your attic with Manta. Our experienced professionals have what it takes to transform this oft-neglected space into a dream home addition. From artistic designs and meticulous planning to careful construction, we can help turn attics from unused storage spaces into extra bedrooms or living areas – whatever suits you best. Let us show you how clever design in your attic can maximize both style and functionality for your home today.
Manta Home is an experienced and extremely professional general contractor of attic remodeling services. Our team also offers a wide range of other home construction and remodeling project, including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, and deck building for Cape Cod areas such as West Chatham, North Chatham, South Chatham, East Dennis and Custom Homes. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, our general contractors will provide you with high-quality results that exceed all expectations.